Softlogic Equity Fund

The Equity Fund or more commonly known as – Share Market is a long term investment avenue that pools your funds and invests them in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

Key Facts to Keep in Mind

Nature of the fund This fund has a longer holding period (typically 24 – 36 months) and is prone to market movements
Trustee/Custodian Hatton National Bank PLC
Investment objective  We aim to help grow your money by investing in the Share Market.
Minimum initial investment  LKR 5,000/= or more
Inception date July 2020
Entry fee None
Management fee 2.25% per annum charged to the entire fund and not individual investors
Trustee fee 0.15% per annum charged to the entire fund and not individual investors
Exit fee 3% exit fee in the 1st year
2% exit fee in the 2nd year
1% exit fee in the 3rd year
No exit fees after the 3rd year

Why Choose the Equity Fund?

  • Starting with as little as Rs 5,000 you can get access to invest in companies listed in the Colombo Stock Exchange (Share Market)
  • Your eggs are not in one basket – you get access to a diversified portfolio of shares
  • A qualified fund manager will be managing your fund. They will be working towards getting you the best possible return, keeping in line with the highest ethical standards.
  • The fund will give you an easy entry and exit strategy to manage your savings and cash needs
  • This can be a place to start saving in order to achieve your long-term goals and dreams

Who is this suitable for?

For someone who wants to invest in the share market and is comfortable with holding his/her funds for a longer time period while withstanding market fluctuations.

Unit Price

20th February 2024 Investor Selling Price (LKR) Investor Buying price (LKR)
Softlogic Equity Fund (Includes 3% exit fee for year 1) 152.3718 160.2960

Value Added Services

All customers that invest in either or both of our two Unit Trust Funds – Softlogic Money Market Fund or Softlogic Equity Fund will receive a Basic Life Cover equal to their invested amount from Softlogic Life Insurance. (Subject to a Life Cover up to a maximum of LKR 500,000)

Age Limit

  • Life assured’s minimum age at entry – 19 years (age next birthday)
  • Life assured’s maximum age at entry (life cover) – 65 years (age next birthday)
  • Cover ceasing age (life cover) – 65 years (exact)

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