Asiri Partnership

Now every newborn at any Asiri Hospital will be gifted with an investment of Rs 5,000 in the Softlogic Money Market Fund allowing the child to look forward to a future of seamless education possibilities.

What makes this so great?

  • You can start with as little as Rs 5,000
  • A grandparent, relative, or even friend can invest on behalf of the newborn
  • A qualified fund manager will be managing the Fund
  • You can enter and exit the fund easily, no hidden charges

How does it work?

Should you choose to have your baby at an Asiri Hospital at the point of discharge the relevant coordinator at the Hospital will gather your personal information, fill out the account opening form and pass the details to us. Once the joint account is created under yours and your baby’s name you will receive a Whatsapp/Email with your Fund Certificate and a link to sign up to your very own investor profile through which you can start investing in your baby’s education.


Contact Asiri Hospitals on 011 4665500
or call us on 0112 104 304