Softlogic Income Fund

This fund is ideal for someone who is looking to invest for a medium to long term while getting good returns within that period. Your funds will be invested in several short term and long-term securities such as Government Treasury Bills, Fixed Deposits, Debentures, etc. approved by our regulator the SEC.

As an investor you can enter and exit this fund at any time, which makes this similar to that of a savings account but with much better returns! You will be only subject to an exit fee if you withdraw funds within a year.

Key Facts to Keep in Mind

Nature of the fund To help you get the best possible return in the medium to long run, whilst ensuring that you can cash out at any given time, much like a savings account.
Trustee/Custodian Hatton National Bank PLC
Investment objective The primary objective of the Fund is to maximize returns through an active management of a portfolio of long term and medium term fixed income securities
Top up your investment LKR 1,000/= or more
Inception date Xxx xxxx
Management fee Management fee will be variable on the seven-day annualized yield of each day,
when the yield is <10% management fee is 0.45% per annum
when the yield is >10%<15% management fee is 1.00% per annum
when the yield is >15% management fee is 1.50% per annum
Trustee fee 0.15% per annum charged to the entire fund and not individual investors
Exit fee 1% exit fees charged only when the funds are being withdrawn within one year
Ability to switch A unit holder may instruct to switch investments from income fund in which the investment is already made to another fund under the fund manager. A switch will be treated as a redemption and a new investment. For example, this will be treated as a redemption from the income fund, and a new investment made in the relevant fund. The manager shall comply with the same upon deducting any switching fee, if applicable.

Why choose the Income Fund?

  • Starting with as little as Rs 5,000 you can get access to invest in pool of Government Treasury Bills, Fixed Deposits, Debentures, Commercial Papers etc.
  • Your eggs are not in one basket – you get access to a diversified portfolio of short, medium, and long-term investments
  • A qualified fund manager will be managing your fund. They will be working towards getting you the best possible return, keeping in line with the highest ethical standards.
  • The fund will give you an easy entry and exit strategy needs
  • This can be a great way to start saving to achieve your medium to long term goals and dreams

Who is this fund suitable for?

  • Ideal for someone who’s looking for a return on the medium to long run
  • Can be an fixed income investment option that offers you a return over a medium to long time horizon

Unit Price

23rd June 2022 Investor Selling Price (LKR) Investor Buying price (LKR)
Softlogic Income Fund 115.3419 115.3419

Value Additions – A free Life Insurance Cover

All customers that invest in either of our 3 Unit Trust Funds – Softlogic Money Market Fund, Softlogic Equity Fund or Softlogic Income Fund will receive a Basic Life Cover equal to their invested amount from Softlogic Life Insurance. (Subject to a Life Cover up to a maximum of LKR 500,000)

Age Limit

  • Life assured’s minimum age at entry – 19 years (age next birthday)
  • Life assured’s maximum age at entry (life cover) – 65 years (age next birthday)
  • Cover ceasing age (life cover) – 65 years (exact)

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